July 24, 2014

Rachel (the Conductor)

About Rachel (the Conductor)

Rachel Rubin is a business analyst, social media ambassador, and writer who educates individuals to understand the benefits of positive social media content practices personally and for their career. Rachel founded Playing Internet™ specifically to help people become more adept with social media to use it as a tool for networking and personal growth. Rachel lives in Chicago with her parrot Charlie and corgi Tristen.

Pleasure from Your Social Media Stream

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What makes people click on the links that you post on your social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn? Is it because they like you and read everything you post? Doubtful. Is it because you have posted something that seems to be a solution for a problem they are having? Maybe. But usually people interact with social media very quickly and they digest the information as fact. Most people read what is in their stream with a  "true/I don't care/I'm uncertain" process. They … [Read more...]

Time Is On Your Side… The Best Times to Post on Twitter or Facebook

The Best Time to Post on Twitter and Facebook

The best time to post on Twitter or Facebook depends if your business is B2B (businesses are your customers) or B2C (consumers are your customers), based on the The Science of Timing webinar presented by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Eric Boggs of Argyle Social.  A study was conducted by Argyle Social with data from users of their software to analyze the best times when links provided as part of social media content were clicked on by users. I like that they decided to only look at … [Read more...]

Stress Less. Do One Simple Thing.

Stress Less. Do One Simple Thing.

Before you can know anything, you first need to learn it. This is something that I read in an article of Yoga Journal magazine which has been stuck in my mind for several weeks. It's so obvious of course, but it is something that is so simple we may forget. One of the things I see most often with people learning about social media is that they become overwhelmed before they even really know what to be overwhelmed about. Terms like tweet, Facebook page, Google+ account, video intro, and blog … [Read more...]

Beat by Social Media?

Don't Give Up

Does this sound familiar? You have a Facebook business page but you don't want to make any mistakes and post anything "unprofessional" so you're not quite sure what to do. You have a Twitter account but you're "not a big twitter person." You even took the time to hook your Facebook and Twitter status up so everything is connected and consistent. But for the time you spent getting that all setup you don't see any value. And the effort you spend trying to decide what to post on these social … [Read more...]

Googled: Weekly Read for 9/12/2011

Googled: The End of the World as We Know It

Are you following Google like I am? I really love that company! This week's reading is Googled: The End of the World As We Know It by Ken Auletta. An older book, published in 2009, is still a good read even though it's before the launch of Google+, the purchase of Motorola Mobility, and all the other events of the past two years. Some of the book goes into the founding of the company and the principals they had when they first started. I know that's nothing new but they way Auletta brought in … [Read more...]

What is social good?

What is social good?

If an entry were to be added to the dictionary, I suppose the definition for social good would claim that it is the act of participating in an activity which improves the community or world. A business that sponsors charity events for cleaner air does social good. Non-profit organizations that help shelter homeless people do social good. It is usually attributed to business. But individuals can do social good too. We can donate our time or money to benefiting the community. And through our … [Read more...]

What is a social media coach?

What is a Social Media Coach?

Let’s start with the word “coach”. I chose to call myself a coach because I will train you. I create training programs for you to follow. We have sessions together where I help you learn what you need to know. I also supply you with a lot of extra material for you to review to keep you current with trends. Now on to the “social media” part. I train you in HOW to use social media. I also train you in WHY to use social media. If you are currently not using social media as part of your marketing … [Read more...]

Why social media?

Why Social Media?

Instead of asking, "WHY social media?" I think you should be asking. "WHY NOT?" If you are asking, "Should I use social media for business?" then you are asking a flawed question. Instead you should be asking, "Should I be letting the world know what my business stands for and what we do?" If the answer to either part of that question is "yes," then, in addition to regular marketing channels, you should be spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube (i.e. using … [Read more...]

What is a conscious entrepreneur?

What is a Conscious Entrepreneur?

If you are a person with a socially or spiritually conscious business it means that your business is about the better good of people and/or society. Also, if your business aids or serves these types of companies, then I would consider you a conscious entrepreneur too. If they need to learn something from you so that they can spread their message, then you are just part of the supply chain of good. Socially conscious businesses usually result in the good of society or the community while … [Read more...]